We offer a range of treatments for all your aches and pains.
For more information on some of the treatments offered at Cotswold Health, please take a look at the links on the right. These treatments can be used to treat conditions including:

Back Pain

Although we tend not to use the "crack" that osteopath and chiropractors use, I still do manipulate the spine to relieve pain, coupled with this I have several years experience in massage to improve the outcome of the treatments.

Muscle and ligaments

Sprains and strain can be worrying and debilitating. Using scientifically proven tests I can help identify and treat the injury, getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Reoccurring injuries

If you keep on getting injured in the same place, chances are they are all related to an underlying issue or an old injury. By taking a detailed history and a series of tests we should be able to devise a programme which ensures the injury goes away and stays away.


Got an old injury you simply cannot get rid of? About to have or had an operation? I can help you recover with some practical advice, therapy and exercise to get you to your best again. Starting before some operations greatly improves the outcome and reduces recovery times.

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